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His love continues on

Alex Barker

Sept 30, 1991 - Feb 7, 2021

Alex, my son, was an amazing human being! I am so blessed to of had him in my physical world for 29 years!

He loved his family, his recovery family, friends and his dogs. During his almost 8 years of recovery, Alex helped hundreds upon hundreds of others who battled with the disease of addiction. He would sponsor others and have speaking engagements in both Ohio and Texas.

As Covid hit our area, they closed down support meetings; his best friend Aida (his dog) had knee surgery and passed away on the table; and then his girlfriend who had talked about marriage took a break and she ended up with another man. His heart broke from it all. 

Alex relapsed but got back on track and then he relapsed again. His drug of choice was heroin but he didn’t fall back into taking it. Instead, he took a Percocet just so he could sleep and it was loaded with Fentanyl. That is when Alex transitioned into heaven.

I miss everything about him, even his grumpy moods but most of all, I miss his love for me and others. I will always be thankful that he stayed with us for his last two months of life and that I was able to love on him so much and tell him so. ♥

His light continues to shine on through others that he taught and poured his wisdom and love into.

Much love to all of you.

Submitted by Mary Barker, Alex’s mom and his biggest fan