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A Heart of Gold

Brandon Racano

Mar 22, 1986 -Sept 5, 2021

Brandon was the youngest son in our family – a twin to his sister Brittany, a brother to his older siblings, a father to his daughter, Skylar, and an uncle to many of his nieces and nephews.

As a young child he was always making his family laugh with his silly jokes and playfulness.  He had a way about him. His father passed away when he was 13 years old and that was very difficult for his young mind to wrap around and accept. His mother did her very best to support her children as a young widow and I know he felt his family’s love.

For 17 years our family struggled to reach him in a way that would change or reshape the course of his life. He struggled to make ends meet for his own family and often found himself having to move abruptly or find odd jobs to earn an income. His addiction really sank its claws in these last few years after losing his wife and child and many surrounding family members. To watch him suffer was no easy task. Countless rehabs and detoxes left us all emotionally bankrupt over the
years…him especially.

What our family will miss the most was his ability to crack a joke in the worst times and the warmth his hugs would bring.

May we remember him with a lightness. Always.

Submitted by Barbara Racano, Mother