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Funny, Handsome, Selfless, LOVED

Donovan Trevor Schlitt

May 10, 1988 - Jul 27, 2018

Donovan is loved by so many and has touched the hearts of all those whom loved him. He stood up for the underdogs, the unpopular, and those that were picked on. He was a protector; a comedian; helped people in need; volunteered for worthy causes; put his family first and loved us all including his dog, Rockstar aka Rocky. He was a hard worker and owned a brand new 2014 Camero, The Batmobile. He loved all DC, Marval and horror movies. He called Amy Lee of Evanesence and Taylor Swift his future wife. I was his best friend and he was mine. Donovan was proud to be a Mama’s boy and told all his friends that he wasn’t ashamed of it. He was adventurous and didn’t fear anything. He was exposed to a lot of travel and cultures through family vacations. He water skied in Barbados; jumped off a cliff at Rick’s cafe; zipline in Costa Rica; rode a Quad through the Dominican Republic; piloted a speed boat in Mexico; parasailed and jet skied; swam in the Emerald Pool in Dominica; went underwater in a submarine and so much more!

He loved life and then around 2015 something changed. Donovan spent less time with his old friends and more time with the wrong ones.  I never in my life would’ve thought he would travel down a life of drugs. I didn’t find out until January, 2017. For a year and a half, I watched my beautiful, handsome son struggle, but he couldn’t stay away from the temptation. He had the car. He had the money. He was used for both and we were told afterwards that he mostly bought drugs for his friends and family. I tried everything to help him and often wonder if I didn’t do enough. Donovan didn’t want to be this way. Those that were there and witness what happened refuse to talk. My son felt he was being set up. I found this out in a text on his phone. There was a fight a week before and he was threatened.  His so-called friends watched him die and dragged him outside to lay for 12 hours as I drove and called everybody looking for Donovan. It wasn’t until I told the stepmother of my son’s friend that the last time I saw Donovan, her son was with him and I was going to the police. The police went to the location where he had died.

I miss us. I miss everything what was and should’ve been.  I miss Donovan’s love.

Submitted by Karen Pike, mother