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A Gentle Soul

Fredrick Koenig

Nov 10, 1982 - Dec 26, 2018

My Freddy struggled with ADD as a kid. His fianceĀ  passed in 2010 and he went on a downward spiral. He suffered with depression and panic attacks.

He passed from an accidental overdose. It was Fentanyl laced with Tramadol.

What I miss about him is everything – his smile, his warm hugs, his thoughtfulness. He was my movie buddy and I was his car buddy. I went to all his group meetingsĀ  and doctor visits. I was the one who gave him his one-year chip at his meeting. We had Christmas, 2018 at my house. After everyone left, Freddy cleaned up everything spotless because he told me to rest. I found him the next day 12/26/18. It broke me.

Submitted by Denise Koenig, Mother