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Vibrant, Loving, Caring, Artistic

Jacqueline Miller

Feb 8, 1994 - Nov 26, 2017

My beautiful daughter brought much joy to my life. She was vibrant and had loving and caring ways for all that knew her..

Jacqueline was an artist who loved her family and animals especially her pet, Sheldon.

My daughter was 23 years old when she passed. She went to many doctors for  knee pain. They couldn’t help. Physical therapy and
medications never worked. Jacqueline’s anxiety level was a 10 at some point. Doctors then recommended an anti-depressant medication and that was the beginning of her nightmare.

Jacqueline tried so hard but she began to get pills by other means. Her stay at a rehab was for only two weeks. She was so upset when she returned home because she knew two weeks was not enough time for her. Jacqueline wanted to remain in Seafield, a rehab on Long Island, NY.  She worked hard and I can honestly say she was a trooper. The last month of her life I noticed a change in her that I never saw before.  New friends with new drugs.

My child was a strong woman like her mom but the devil prevailed. On November 26, 2017,  Jacqueline passed. 

My life has never been the same. I am sick and overwhelmed with sorrow. Please remember my beautiful Jacqueline Marie Miller.

Submitted by Louise Cabral, Mother