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Creative, Intelligent, Clever, Compassionate

Liam Barry

Jun 15, 1989 - Dec 16, 2012

Our son, Liam Barry, lived with a non-curable kidney disease, “FSGS”, since the age of 4 ½, as well as dealt with learning disabilities and related obstacles. Liam, developed anxiety, evolving into depression. At age 19, his pediatrician prescribed Xanax to treat his anxiety. Four months later, Liam was addicted to Xanax. After periods of recovery and relapse, and lastly, being clean for 1 month, he succumbed to depression with a heroin overdose at age 23 ½ on 12/16/12.

But Liam was so much more than these challenges. His dream was to become a novelist, screenwriter, and director. Liam was highly creative, intelligent, clever, hilarious, evoking laughter and smiles. Even with many struggles, he learned to play piano, drums, and guitar. He was a talented writer and song composer who loved to entertain. He graduated from Hofstra University with a dual degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies. Most importantly, Liam was very compassionate and cared about people. It hurt him to see ANYONE in pain.
He could help others but not himself.

Liam was an amazing child, full of life, but he struggled to see his immense value in this world. Liam wrongly believed that no one would miss him. Others feel the way Liam felt so we want to let them know that each person IS precious and has so much to give to the world. They are LOVED and are worthy of the gift of recovery. We will continue to share Liam’s caring spirit with the world.

We MORE THAN love you Liam!

Submitted by Andra and Matt Barry, Mother and Father