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Humble, Sweet, Intelligent, Talented

Sean Horan

May 30, 1984 - February 6, 2019

My son had struggled with drugs for a while. He decided to move to Texas with a friend of his. He got clean on his own and did so good for a while. He was sent to Florida to work after the hurricane and was able to come home more often. He got caught up with the same crowd and I had no idea that he was using again. He left my home on a Monday night to go back to Florida. We communicated throughout his drive back. I talked to him on Tuesday and I received the dreaded phone call on Wednesday that he was gone. He didn’t show up for work so his boss sent someone to check on him. He was all alone in his motel room.

My heart is forever broken. I miss everything about Sean. He had such a good heart. He was so smart and talented. He loved music and was an awesome guitar player. I miss his smile and his laugh…I just miss him!

Submitted by Tammy Matthews, Mother